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Development status: Q1

Token already sold - 120,000 BKO 50%



$APECOIN (APES) is the next CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko token. Developed by an experienced team and shilled by a big and funny community. Ape in and let's travel together to the MOON! $APECOIN is a community driven token. That’s our base, and that’s how we work. $APECOIN is not another meme token, and the community is very important to let this project go to the moon. And because we think on community, we have rewards in $BUSD, an stable coin that even Putin can’t break it.
Whit $APECOIN project we all want to build a NFT platform for buying and selling your and ours creations. But we are not going to stop there. When we get our aim then community will decide if we can redirect our strategy to a metaverse VR game or take other directions.
We want to collaborate with associations that take care of apes in the future, too.
Be part of the APE community army!!

ownership renounced

We have renounced ownership. apecoin is a community token. we need you to go to the moon!

Market Opportunity

We want that everybody can join us in the APES war. For this reason, we'll be everywhere doing marketing.

To the moon!!

We want to get all of us to the moon. Let's support APECOIN and buy it!

The Roadmap

Q1: February 2022

Fair launch

This february we are going to do the token presale and the fair launch. We are going to promote and shill the token very hard for reaching the maximum number of holders.

Q2: March 2022

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing

We expect to be listed in CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko by the end of March. It's a difficult goal but we think we'll reach it.

Q1: February-March 2022

APES army

Get more than 500 holders

Q3: April 2022

Moon launch

In April 2022 we are going to be launching in the moon.

AMC APE Community

We want to join the ape community of amc stock. we want that they can use our token. help us to achieve it!!







rewards BUSD






Rewards BUSD

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